Mrs.Wicket is The Antagonist character. She has an evil one eyed cat, but the cat is kind if the cat meet Mrs.Wicket. Mrs.Wicket like fighting with Mr.Bean. She is voiced by Sam Grace

BIOGRAPHY Mrs. Wicket lives with Mr. Bean in her apartment. In the episode young bean, She turns out to be nice. Mrs. Wicket does not like to think about her ruined wedding by Mr. Bean and Mrs Wicket gets mad at Mr. Bean for that things. Julia Wicket, her full name was never mentioned in the series, Her name was only Mrs. Wicket. Birthday: November 21, 1947 Age: 80 Affilitations: Wicket

                      Mrs. Wicket

Friends: Mr. Bean (sometimes) Enemies: Mr. Bean Spouse (s): Mrs Wicket's unnamed husband Voiced by: Sam Grace First Apperance: Mr. Bean The Pilot Latest Apperance: Treasure!

Mrs Wicket